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Collagen For Dogs: 7 Reasons To Give Your Dog Collagen

Posted by Lindsay Kustich on

Collagen For Dogs: 7 Reasons To Give Your Dog Collagen

For us humans, products with collagen are trending right now. You’ve probably seen ads for health foods, snacks, shampoos and skincare products with collagen. Well, that’s because collagen supplementation is tremendously beneficial for skin, bone and joint support as well as fighting signs of aging. Is it only good for people? No way! Your dog can benefit from collagen too!

As our four-legged friends age, collagen production slows down. Adding a collagen supplement to their wellness regimen can help them in a number of ways. Read on to learn more about collagen for dogs.

Overview of Collagen for Dogs

Supplementing your dog’s diet with collagen can improve the daily quality of life for your pet, and help to maintain the animal’s overall health. This supplement is good for a variety of health conditions, but you should consult with a vet to see how this might apply to your specific case. Collagen can be ingested in the form of a delicious treat that can be given between meals.

Collagen for Dogs, Top Seven Benefits

1. Collagen is a protein that functions as an adhesive. It’s like a glue that holds various structures together.

2. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body; this fact underscores its overall importance. It has a lubricating effect on the joints, which reduces the symptoms of arthritis.

3. There are four kinds of collagen in the body; each one serves an important function. This protein affects structures like ligaments, skin, fur, cartilage, bone and connective tissue. It also helps the regulation of internal organs, arteries and muscle tissue.

4. Aging reduces the amount of collagen present in the system; many dog owners give supplements to dogs in order to replace this lost capacity. Aging dogs stand to benefit from an increase in the amount of collagen they consume.

5. Collagen improves the overall function of your pet’s cardiovascular system. It reduces the likelihood of blood clots, and it gives the fur a healthy glow. It can also reduce the amount of fur that is shed on a daily basis.

6. Collagen plays a role in maintaining the digestive health of the dog, helping regulate the absorption of important nutrients.

7. Puppies don’t require as much collagen as older dogs, but they can still benefit from a smaller amount of these dog treats.

Optimize the Health of Your Dog 

Ensuring an adequate nutritional and protein balance is essential for maintaining the optimal health for your canine friend. Protein and collagen rich dog treats are a great way to help maintain that balance. Our Pig Ears are a fantastic source of natural, healthy collagen which dogs love and go crazy for.

Brutus & Barnaby treats are packed full of nutrition, and they will give your dog something to look forward to enjoying between meals. Combine these delicious dog treats with other foods containing healthy ingredients like chondroitin and glucosamine, plus make sure your dog is getting regular exercise and adequate hydration and your pooch will be in optimal shape!