Why is my discount code not working?

Discounts are available for special coupons or occasions, only one discount is allowable per purchase. So if you are having trouble using a discount, first make sure that you do not have another discount already applied to your order, as that will block you from using a second discount.
This includes discounts for having a subscription for your dog treats. The 10% discount applied for subscribing to recurring dog treat orders counts as the one allowable discount for the order.
Also, some discounts are no longer valid after the special promotional period. It is possible a discount has expired.

The pig ears are too big for my dog, how do I cut them?

I actually don't recommend cutting them just because I have tried to do this with just about every instrument
and knife you can think of and they're very hard to cut. That is why we brought you our pig ear slivers, I give
these to our pomeranians and find that it's a much better sized pig product for the little dogs.

Where does the chicken jerky come from?

Our Chicken Jerky comes from humanely harvested chickens right here in the USA. This is 100% chicken
jerky breast that is harvested and prepared in the USA.

What's the best way to give my dog a pig ear?

If your pooch has never had pig ears than you want to ease them into it. Start this by first giving your dog
a pig year after he's eaten some normal food, like a dessert. This way you can see how he reacts to the
pig ear. Some dogs have a hard time with pig ears because of the richness, but when it is given after a
meal, it is easier to digest. When you do this, only let them eat half. If within 24 hours everything's still
great, you can give them the rest of it and the next time you can let them have a whole ear.

Why are some pig ears darker than others?

The pig ears range in color because as a natural product which is minimally processed, there are
variations from harvest to harvest. Also, Brutus & Barnaby pig ears are baked and so some get more baked
than others and can be darker.

I noticed some green ink on one of my ears. Is it going to harm my dog and what is it?

The ink is actually a tattoo from the branding done at the farms. Farmers use this to keep track of their
livestock. We do our best to not put ears with ink in the bags. If you get a bag with ears that have ink on
them and you're not satisfied, let us know and we'll make it right.

Will the bully nuggets be a good fit for my dog?

This depends upon the size of your dog. I recommend bully nuggets for smaller dogs; teacup size dogs are

Are your cow ears bleached?

As part of the cleaning process, our cow ears are not bleached. They are cleaned in a solution of water and

hydrogen-peroxide. This hydrogen peroxide is similar to the type you use when you pour on a cut or scrape when you would want to

clean it. This helps ensure the cow ears are bacteria free.