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love! i actually was surprised, i thought these would last longer than the normal but my boys figured out how to unbraid them. they still lasted a long time though, so definitely would recommend!!

My dog loves these. I only buy once in a while due to the expense.

love love loveeee collagen chews!

we love everything Brutus & Barnaby so i knew our dogs would love these collagen sticks 🥰 keep in mind a 90 lb lab will destroy these in 2 seconds, but a 45 lb border collie it lasts 5-10 minutes. either way perfect for enriching their mind + a fun treat!

My dogs love them. Fast shipping as well.

Perfect size for my small Carnauzer. Shel

We got these to diversify his treat. He enjoyed these.

My Aussie loves these, I love them because he chews through most things too quick. These
cow ears take more time for him to finish up. Indy is an eternal optimist when it comes to
him getting one.

This is our first jar, I know they are a supplement, my dog thinks it’s a treat.

My Aussie loves these!

Quality Quality Quality! My favorite for my dogs

Love them. You can tell they are quality and my dog loves them.

my collie isn’t a huge fan but my lab is obsessed

wish they lasted longer, but still a great chew and my boys love them!

Great product. Very large and fresh. My 2 bassets go crazy for them!!

My red lab LOVES these!!!!!!!!!!

Great product!

Our dog did not like them…

These are good but the long ones are just very pricy

These are very good just wish there were more big slices in the bag than smaller ones.