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These Are Great!

I have tried and tried to find cow ears with the knob on them and nobody has had them. They show pictures of them with the knob, but then when you receive them ...... NO KNOB. Until, I ordered from Brutus and Barnaby. I am so very very happy to have found you. I will be ordering more soon. My little Wheaten LOVES them and it keeps her busy and happy for quite a while. Thank you so much.

Too much broken pieces.

The positive: Made in USA and the top 2/3 of the bag has nice pieces of jerky.
The dogs love the jerky.
I like it because it's made in USA.

The negative: The lower 1/3 of the bag has tiny broken up pieces, too small to use as single bite snack. A lot looks like its pulverized.
The only way to use this little stuff is to sprinkle it in a over some other snacks.
That messy part we really dislike!
Dr. Jack and doggies.

My dogs adore these!

The dogs think this treat is the best and I like that it smells good enough for me to eat! This is a super healthy treat for them.

My dog loves these!

I have been looking for a good alternative to rawhide for my little Shih Tzu and this is it! He loves these and it does take him a while to go through them. He needs to chew on a regular basis and these are perfect!

Standard Poodle loves them!

My standard poodle loves these ears. He waits for one after he has his meal. He liked the pig ears in general okay but had digestive issues with them. He likes bully sticks ok but the COW ears he just is obsessed over and never gets tired of them. Most importantly he has no digestive issues with them ever. They are great for his teeth and they are low to no odor..another bonus! =)) We buy the bag of 100.

Best jerky treats!

My dog loves Brutus & Barnaby dog treats especially the chicken jerky. It smells really good and so easy to break up to give smaller pieces for training.

Sweet potatoes treats

Our Labradoodke was tested for food allergies and he is allergic to almost everything! This is the one treat he can eat and absolutely loves them!! I was so happy to find this product!!!

So sad

My lab loves these and other products but had allergies from cross contamination with meat products

Real Treat

My dogs love them. The big ones I cut in half for the big dogs and cut into thirds for my older, obese Baby Girl.

Just the best! Hands down!

We have tried so many brands of animal ears, rawhide, etc. and these cows' ears are exactly the way they should be. My dogs love them as a great treat each morning. They can't wait.

Best and healthiest dog treats

My small size dog goes crazy over these treats. It's so difficult to find a treat that helps your dog's health and occupies his time, too. It's also easy to break off a piece of the stick for a small treat and save the entire stick for a big event like after the evening walk. It smells yummy, too, and no stains on the carpet. I highly recommend the sweet potato treats, Your dog will love them!


My dogs love these ears. Get the subscription for 100 ears best deal around! I have given them out as gifts at work to my dog loving coworkers

Pancake Lovessss her Pig Ears

Pancake can’t be fooled by any other pig ears ! She knows what she likes and it’s B & B! Don’t waste your money on the others, these have never disappointed. Don’t forget to try the Cow ears, a little variety is key.

My dogs love these!

Low calorie treat that I can give my dogs and not worry about it making them fat! They love these and will do ALL their tricks to get one. :)

Healthy diet is important.

A vast majority of dogs lack proper supplements in there diets; limited to the same meal every day of there life.... CLIP OFF THR DAMN BAG OF DOG FOOD WITH CHIP CLIP. Just as a bag of chips go stale so does dry kibble. Anyway vitamins are a must during and after major or miner surgeries, moments of illnesses, and especially in their old age. I will be buying this and similar vitamins regularly as a dog owner. Our canine friends deserve a balanced diet with vitamins and supplements every day to improve mood, mobility/energy, and peak mental cognition. I take vitamins regularly myself like most people. Not a bad price either

Not bad for lst try

I have learned that many company's deliver different quality bully sticks each time. This is my lst bag, with brutus and barnaby which is very good quality , just like advertised. I feel it is a little expensive for the 1 lb bag, but I will order again to see if the quality remains the same. I throw away almost a third of thin hollow bullies from other companies. So hopefully, the next bag will be nice thick, long lasting bullies again.

Our dog PENNY loves the chicken jerky! She's a picky eater but can't wait to get her treat.

Sweet Potato Treats

Excellent product! Our 100-lb retriever mix loves
this! It’s chewy so he enjoys comping down on

awesome fries

the pups loved these as a change up from the regular sweet potato treats !

Another favorite of Abby's

Abby eats these with gusto. She gets one a day at 7:00 pm and know exactly what is about to happen when I open the cabinet to get it for her. She has enjoyed these and the pumpkin ones as well. Highly recommend.

Abby's Post Walk Treat

My Abby loves these as her post walk treat. She does not leave a crumb!

Special Treat

We adopted a lab/American bulldog mix last fall. She's a year old now and LOVES to chew! A friend posted a picture of her lab with Brutus & Barnaby ears for a birthday gift and I went online and bought a bag for our chewer. She is a big fan! I wish they kept her busy a little longer, but they are great quality and Bailey gets SO excited when she gets an ear. Thank you for the great product and great service!

Best dog treat!

My dogs love these! Other brands we tried smelled strong or left an oily residue... these are great though! Thank you for offering high-quality products!

Cow ears

I have two standard poodles and they love the cow ears They have the cleanest teeth and I think that it also strengthens the jaw and it is there favorite treat

100% best treats

i’ve been buying dog treats for 50 years AND
these are the absolute best dog treats i’ve found.
bar none. moose and buck told me so !