All Natural, Whole Cow Ears for Dogs, Harvested from Free Range, No Hormones Added

All Natural, Whole Cow Ears for Dogs, Harvested from Free Range, No Hormones Added
Cow Ears for Dogs, Harvested from Free Range
Cow ear dog treat
A Bag of Cow Ears for dogs
All Natural, Whole Cow Ears for Dogs, No Hormones Added - Brutus and Barnaby
Brutus and Barnaby All Natural Cow Ears for Dogs

All Natural, Whole Cow Ears for Dogs, Harvested from Free Range, No Hormones Added

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Our cow ears are sourced from free-range cattle in South America. The mild South American climate causes less damage and callousness to the cows’ skin, which means better cow ears for your dog. Being free-range, our cows are not treated with unnatural hormones, which means only natural snacks for your dog!

Our cow ear dog treats have numerous health benefits, including helping your dog keep a healthy digestive system, relieve pent-up energy, and promote dental health. They provide a great chew for your dog, which helps your dog clean teeth through natural saliva production and chewing action. Plus, they keep your dog entertained and likely save you some chewed sneakers!

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Customer Reviews

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Carol G
These Are Great!

I have tried and tried to find cow ears with the knob on them and nobody has had them. They show pictures of them with the knob, but then when you receive them ...... NO KNOB. Until, I ordered from Brutus and Barnaby. I am so very very happy to have found you. I will be ordering more soon. My little Wheaten LOVES them and it keeps her busy and happy for quite a while. Thank you so much.

Kathryn Cullen
Standard Poodle loves them!

My standard poodle loves these ears. He waits for one after he has his meal. He liked the pig ears in general okay but had digestive issues with them. He likes bully sticks ok but the COW ears he just is obsessed over and never gets tired of them. Most importantly he has no digestive issues with them ever. They are great for his teeth and they are low to no odor..another bonus! =)) We buy the bag of 100.

Robin F.
Just the best! Hands down!

We have tried so many brands of animal ears, rawhide, etc. and these cows' ears are exactly the way they should be. My dogs love them as a great treat each morning. They can't wait.

Jim Peterson

My dogs love these ears. Get the subscription for 100 ears best deal around! I have given them out as gifts at work to my dog loving coworkers

Pancake Lovessss her Pig Ears

Pancake can’t be fooled by any other pig ears ! She knows what she likes and it’s B & B! Don’t waste your money on the others, these have never disappointed. Don’t forget to try the Cow ears, a little variety is key.