California Chicken Breast Jerky

Chicken Jerky For Dogs made in the USA - Chicken Jerky Dog Treats
Chicken Jerky For Dogs made in the USA - Chicken Jerky Dog Treats
Chicken Jerky For Dogs made in the USA - Chicken Jerky Dog Treats
Chicken Jerky For Dogs made in the USA - Chicken Jerky Dog Treats
Chicken Jerky For Dogs made in the USA - Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

California Chicken Breast Jerky

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PREMIUM CALIFORNIA CHICKEN BREAST JERKY is made with nothing but 100% USA Chicken Breast Meat, it stays plenty fresh and tastes great even with zero preservatives, not even vegetable glycerin.

Guaranteed your dog will love it… just chicken from the USA.

Probably the purest treat you can buy - there are absolutely no preservatives in this jerky.  Run out of kibble ever?  No problem, you could just give this if you didn't feel like running out to the store for another bag. These and our sweet potato slices are like Thanksgiving for dogs.

Natural plant glycerin is sometimes used as a preservative, it helps keep things from drying out - we use NONE, we thought you might like chicken in its purest form… so try some, and we guarantee your doggy will love it!

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Customer Reviews

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Dr. Jack DeVries
Too much broken pieces.

The positive: Made in USA and the top 2/3 of the bag has nice pieces of jerky.
The dogs love the jerky.
I like it because it's made in USA.

The negative: The lower 1/3 of the bag has tiny broken up pieces, too small to use as single bite snack. A lot looks like its pulverized.
The only way to use this little stuff is to sprinkle it in a over some other snacks.
That messy part we really dislike!
Dr. Jack and doggies.

Best jerky treats!

My dog loves Brutus & Barnaby dog treats especially the chicken jerky. It smells really good and so easy to break up to give smaller pieces for training.

Missy Heiden

Our dog PENNY loves the chicken jerky! She's a picky eater but can't wait to get her treat.

Roxie Loves Brutus & Barnaby Chicken Jerky

Our sweet spoiled baby girl Roxie (Maltipoo) loves Brutus & Barnaby Chicken Jerky! She’s been eating it for almost 2 years. She wants it above anything else she’s offered. She will stand by her snack drawer and patiently beg until we give it to her. And I love Brutus & Barnaby because they are a honest company who can be trusted with the treats we are feeding our fur babies. Good quality healthy snacks with no additives. A snack we can feel good about giving! I am so thankful I found Brutus & Barnaby. ❤️ USA made USA sourced chicken breast with no additives, no glycerine, not irridated Chicken Jerky! The Best!

Chicken Jerky Treats are Great

Snickers loves the Chicken Jerky treats. He's always looking for a treat and I know these are good for him unlike many other treats sold in stores. I'm glad they are healthy and made in the USA.