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Collagen for Dogs: What It Is and Why Your Dog Needs it

Posted by Ryan Tanner on

Collagen for Dogs:  What It Is and Why Your Dog Needs it

Dogs need nutrients, just like their humans!

Your dog’s diet plays a massive role in their overall health, especially as they start to grow older. 

Your dog needs specific vitamins and nutrients to keep their body strong, and one of those critical nutrients is collagen

Many health conditions can develop as your dog ages, from arthritis to leaky gut. But powerful, natural ingredients in collagen can help ease pain, boost dog joint health, and prevent many health conditions in the first place.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the main protein in your dog’s body. In fact, about a third of your dog’s body is made up of collagen. This protein helps to hold all the critical structures inside your dog’s body together like glue. 

As your dog ages, this collagen starts to weaken, which can also deteriorate the structures around the collagen. Over time, this lack of collagen leads to joint pain, dull fur, and other signs of aging. 

Luckily, you can supplement collagen in your dog’s diet to ease the effects of aging and provide many great benefits! One great way is with our all-natural gullet sticks, which are packed full of super healthy collagen which dogs love.


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5 Benefits of Collagen for Dogs

Improved Dog Joint Health

Arthritis and osteoporosis are common joint pain issues in dogs, especially older and larger dogs. Two key collagen components, glucosamine and chondroitin, help repair dog joint health, restore cartilage, and lubricate the joints for better mobility with less pain. 

Healthy Skin and Coat

Your dog’s dermis skin layer is made up of collagen. This layer will also start to weaken as your dog ages. A collagen supplement for your dog will boost their skin and fur health, moisturizing their skin and promoting a shiny coat. 

Better Digestion

Similar to humans, collagen for dogs breaks down proteins in their food and soothes their gut lining. This allows your dog to absorb more nutrients from their food and prevent gastrointestinal issues like leaky gut. 

Help Prevent Injuries

Much of your dog’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments are made up of collagen. When this collagen starts to weaken, your dog becomes more prone to injuries like hip dysplasia and torn ligaments. 

Adding a collagen chew to your dog’s diet can help strengthen the collagen in your dog’s body and prevent painful injuries. 

Boost Appetite

Bon appétit! One significant benefit to collagen is that dogs love the taste, so it’s easy to incorporate into their diet. If your dog has been struggling with a low appetite, a collagen chew will get them excited for their next mealtime. 


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Delicious Collagen Stick Chews to Improve Your Dog’s Health

Collagen chew sticks are a delicious, healthy treat that easily boosts strength, digestion, and flavor into your dog’s current diet. We pride ourselves on nutritional treats with real, farm-sourced ingredients –– and our collagen sticks are no different.

Our 6” collagen treats are made from pure beef collagen for dogs that are easily digestible (and irresistible). Shop our collagen treats today to improve your dog’s joint health and browse our many other nutritional, delicious dog treats.