Pig Ear Dog Treats - All Natural Pig Ear Slivers for Smaller Dogs
Pig Ear Slivers - All Natural Pig Ear Dog Treats
High-quality pig slivers - Perfect for Small sized dogs
Brutus and Barnaby Pig Ear Dog Treats - All Natural Pig Ear Slivers for Smaller Dogs
Pig Ear Slivers for Smaller Dogs - Pig Ear Dog Treats

Pig Ear Slivers - All Natural Pig Ear Dog Treats

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These all-natural pig ear slivers are the same well baked and crispy treats dogs go crazy for, just sliced into slivers. Our full-size, whole pig ears were too big for smaller dogs (even though they want them!) so we made the slivers for little doggies (just how our Pomeranian's Boo and Winnie love them).

These all-natural dog treats are cut pieces from whole pig ears. Even though these can be fine for larger dogs, we prefer them more for dogs 30-40 lbs and under - we feel it's a better fit.

Possibly more information than you want... these treats sometimes (well ok, always) have stronger flavor and aroma than whole pig ears. It's because the part of the ear where these are harvested from is more the inner ear. Dogs love them though, so we do too!

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Manufacturing Info

SINGLE-INGREDIENT TREATS - Our pig ear sliver treats for dogs are made solely from 100% pure pork ear. Highly digestible and one of our most popular treats, with zero bone. No grains, soy or dairy - just pork! 

HIGH-QUALITY SOURCING - Natural and nutritious pig ear treats, sourced from South America. Each pig ear is hand inspected at least three times to ensure each is of the highest quality, and then carefully cooked in a well-controlled environment.

NO ADDITIVES - No added fillers, hormones, antibiotics, chemicals or preservatives.


Brutus & Barnaby undertakes this rigorous safety testing voluntarily to ensure hygienic standards exist throughout our production line.  

Every single batch of product is sent to Deibel Laboratory in Florida for full testing before packaging, to ensure each batch is free from SalmonellaE. coli, Coliform bacteria, yeast, mold and APC. 

Careful records of the cooking process are monitored and kept with full records for your dog’s batch of pig ears. Batches of ears are laboratory tested to ensure hygiene standards after baking, then irradiated as a final and thorough precaution. The ears are tested yet again by a different third party laboratory to ensure cleanliness and safety before the final hand inspection and packaging.

Our packaging facility is regularly swabbed to test for the presence of bacteria and other contaminants, which ensures our cleaning processes are effective. The swabs are also sent to a third party bio lab to test for the presence of any potentially unwanted bacteria or viruses.

While the FDA only requires one PCQI (Preventive Controls Qualified Certified  Individuals), we go above and beyond with two certified PCQIs on hand, with the goal to prevent foodborne illnesses throughout our manufacturing process.

Customer Reviews

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David Ruud
Excellent Treat

Our 100-lb retriever mix loves and craves these pig ear slivers. We’ll continue to order them as they are his favorite treat.

Gisette McMurray
Best treat ever

All 3 of my pups come running when they see me opening this treat doesn't smell as bad as other treats from different companies and keeps them busy for atleast 20/30 minutes. Absolutely great product.


I got these for my pom mix and she loves them! The smaller size is great for her. There is a smell to them but it’s not too strong, which is nice for the humans. These take my pup a day or two to eat, so the bag will last a long time and is a good value. Definitely recommend.

Weiner weiner chicken dinner
Winnie loves these!

Winnie loves these slivers. They're her fave. They last about 10 minutes - she's a 20 lb Jack russell mix so I have to add a longer lasting chew in the mix like the big pig ears. A+! Service is also great. Yay B & B!

Joleen Wert

The pieces are very small. I have 2 labs and an ear each is too much. I’ve bought these before and loved them. This time, they are really tiny.